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Robust trigger marketing programs that keep customers coming back for more.

Today’s competitive retail landscape has become more and more challenging to grow your revenue and profits. As a result, marketers are rethinking their best practices to personalize direct marketing. Identifying better ways to communicate with customers on an individual basis to increase engagement with their brand is a top priority. We work with retailers across the country to help customers visit websites and stores more often and spend more at each visit.

Proprietary data analytics will help you identify which customers are the most likely to respond to your message and offers and where your marketing dollars will generate the highest rate of return while you:

  • Identify at risk customers before they become inactive, giving you an opportunity to proactively re-engage and retain them.
  • Develop specific offer recommendations (at the SKU or category level) for each individual customer and its probability of success versus static messaging.

Popular retail marketing programs we can develop for you:

  • Acquisition campaigns
  • Product promotions
  • Loyalty programs
  • Cross-sells and up-sells
  • Retention programs
  • Winback campaigns
  • Abandoned cart re-engagement
  • Retargeting using web browsing behavior

We use data analytics & predictive modeling to help you:

  • ID and market directly to ideal buyers
  • Send messages to only those most likely to respond
  • Achieve impactful 1:1 communications
  • Increase customer lifetime value through cross-sell and up-sell campaigns
  • Prevent customers from leaving
  • Decrease spend and increase ROI
  • Create loyalty to your brand

Your POS data already holds the keys to great insights. Our analytics will unlock those insights and help you to develop impactful campaigns.

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