Here is a collection of resources illustrating why direct mail is a good tactic for the retail industry.

6 Things You Don’t Know You Already Know About Print Marketing


Test your knowledge of variable print marketing and learn how similar the technology is for print and digital platforms.

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How to Use Data to Power Up Your Customer Acquisition

Power Up Acquisition

Narrow your acquisition focus by locating and attracting more profitable customers with a smaller, more targeted net.

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Personalization Made Easy


Match all of your assets with the right customer at the right time to ensure your campaign has great success.


Learn how variable data messaging achieves better direct mail response rates & increases lifetime value.

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What Happens When Direct Mail Delivers?

Infographic: What Happens When Direct Mail Delivers

See how often people check their mail, what they think of it, and how quickly they respond to it.

Mail Format eguide

Determine which of the most popular direct mail formats will work best to achieve your marketing goals.


Get an understanding of the seemingly complex terms that have to do with each stage of the printing process.

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