Omni DM: Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dr. Omni, D.M.?
Dr. Omni is our resident expert on all things direct marketing. He specializes in helping marketers across all industries seamlessly integrate their marketing efforts through high response direct mail, call tracking, and digital retargeting through Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Check out his full bio here.

Direct mail already works great for me. Why do I need a direct marketing check-up or Omni DM?
Even if direct mail is already working well for you, it is always a good idea to take an objective look at your campaigns to see what else you can be doing. Omni DM Full-Service and Mail Tracking Only both work to enhance the return on investment from standard direct mail campaigns.

If direct mail hasn’t worked for me in the past, will Omni DM make any difference?
Absolutely! Many times we find that “failed” direct mail campaigns are actually not failures, but misunderstood results. (Or just need a few tweaks.) Most people look at the number of responses they get to judge the effectiveness of their campaigns. But the real way to judge success and failure is return on investment. If you make more than you spent – success! Call Tracking allows you to calculate this data very accurately. And when you do, you will probably find that your campaign was much more of a success than you thought! Plus, Mail Tracking and Online Follow-up Ads help boost the ROI.

Can I turn my current direct mail campaign into an Omni DM campaign?
Yes! Just let us know you want to and we’ll do the rest!

I have tried digital retargeting in the past and it didn’t work. How is Omni DM different?
Many retargeting campaigns are ineffective because the website or landing page they are linked to doesn’t get enough traffic for the page to even be on Google’s radar, effecting how soon and how often ads are displayed. Campaign Accelerator hand-delivers you the traffic you need for your retargeting campaign to kick in and Social Match targets your Facebook audience, before your campaign goes even goes live.


Omni DM is an inexpensive value-add to your already powerful direct mail campaign. And on top of that, we’re taking 30% off your first order using Omni DM. Since each campaign is tailored to your specific business, Dr. Omni, D.M. would like to schedule a quick direct marketing check-up to see how and why Omni DM will work for you. Simply fill out the form on this page to get started.

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