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Data drives successful fundraising.

Successful fundraising is the lifeblood of your organization. Compu-Mail has helped development professionals raise money for their causes for more than 30 years by employing highly personalized solicitations.

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We work to not only increase the number of donations but also the average gift amount.

Your programs will benefit from our sophisticated data management procedures that allow us to create mailings based on donor status, donor type, and giving history by tracking donations. That information is then used to create targeted and personalized campaigns. You’ll know just where to start the ask, and what message copy is most likely to move prospects and donors to respond.

We offer comprehensive business and consumer mailing list management services from list research, file creation, formatting, cleaning, data entry, and scanning to detailed personalization services. And we take a highly targeted approach to acquisition.

When it comes to acquiring new donors or re-engaging LYBNT’s and SYBNT’s, we use data analysis and predictive modeling software that helps you:

  • ID and mail directly to high potential donors
  • Increase size of average gift
  • Continually acquire new donors
  • Re-engage lapsed donors

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This eBook shows you how to stand out and prove to donors that your cause is worth their time, money, and attention.

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