Email & Web Services

We develop and produce integrated, personalized direct marketing campaigns that utilize direct mail, e-mail and customized surveys to distribute your message, encourage responses, and capture your results. Our experience, together with a streamlined process for planning, developing, and executing these campaigns, will guide you easily and comfortably from start to finish through an otherwise complex process.

You will benefit from the convenience of having one source to coordinate and execute all parts, both online and offline, of your personalized campaigns, including:

  • Production and launch of your personalized direct mail and e-mail communications, including highly personalized trigger campaigns
  • Construction of custom landing pages
  • Automated campaign actions and notifications
  • Data capture
  • Custom reporting and analysis

Together, we can build a highly-trackable custom marketing application for your company that can qualify your marketing investments, inspire conversion, increase sales, improve your company efficiency and/or build customer-centric communications.


Contact us to discuss your digital direct marketing needs: or Call 800-255-0670

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