Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery

Compu-Mail is partnering with the USPS to find marketers that would like to work on a trial for Informed Delivery with dynamic banners to increase response. Are you interested in being one of them?


By around 8:00AM, Informed Delivery subscribers already know what will be in their mailbox later that day.

The USPS introduced Informed Delivery to allow mail recipients to see grayscale images of their mail, made available through a daily email feed or an online dashboard. The USPS is also giving marketers the opportunity (at no additional cost) to supplement or even replace the grayscale image with a more compelling full color image.

Informed Delivery

The image doesn’t have to be from the physical mail piece, and looks much like a banner ad. In addition, marketers can include URLs that redirect to any website, landing page, or social media site so recipients can take action right there, streamlining the user experience.

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Value for Marketers

Informed Delivery allows marketers to leverage the power of the USPS brand, which ranked as the fourth highest trusted brand in America and the highest of all federal agencies according to Gallop Poll.

Nothing replaces the value of hardcopy mail, but Informed Delivery is the USPS’ way to respond to consumers’ increasing demands to interact and communicate digitally with everything, including their mail. This is where marketers can take advantage of the synergy that is created when combining The Mail Moment with a consumers’ digital routine. Response rates go up when marketers use email and direct mail together and according to the USPS, the combination increases response rates by 30% as compared to direct mail alone.

What Consumers Are Saying


88% of users check their Informed Delivery notification every day or almost every day.
9 out of 10 users say they would recommend Informed Delivery to a friend.
91% of pilot users surveyed reported that they were satisfied or very satisfied.


The Key Takeaway

Informed Delivery has a lot of potential and promise to be a great fusion of direct mail and digital marketing. Marketers for no additional cost to their current direct mail campaigns will have the ability to get exponentially more impressions, increase email open rates and drive response while increasing their ROI.

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