Higher Education Marketing

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Targeting students from the beginning of their education to the end – and beyond.

Whether your university’s goals include recruiting potential students or soliciting donations from alumni, we can help you with everything from catalogs and publications to letters and postcards to brochures and flyers. We offer comprehensive mailing list management services from list research, file creation, formatting, cleaning, data entry, and scanning to detailed personalization services. And we take a highly targeted approach to acquisition, only sending communications to those most likely to respond.


Nearly half of all current college and university prospects say they prefer a personal touch.

We’ll help you figure out what the right personal touch through the use of the sophisticated data analysis and predictive modeling software we leverage.A complete analysis of your data will help you:

  • Identify and market directly to ideal students
  • Increase size of average gift from alumni donors
  • Continually acquire new students and new donors
  • Obtain strong referrals

3 ways to increase fundraising results cover

Popular among our non-profit customers, this eBook provides valuable insight you can apply to your alumni outreach efforts.

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