Healthcare Marketing

Bridging the communication gap between hospital and patient.

Today’s healthcare patients want more from their healthcare providers. Poor, fractured, or non-existent communications result in negative online and offline reputations for healthcare systems that can easily be avoided through proactive patient communication.

Compu-Mail allows you to easily bridge the communication gap between hospital and patient. You’ll be able to educate consumers to help them get a better understanding of the cost of their healthcare service and the benefit of preventative screenings, procedures, lifestyle practices, and extraordinary or unique health services available.

Proprietary data analytics will help you identify which health consumers are the most likely to respond to your message and offers and where your marketing dollars will generate the highest rate of return to:

  • Identify at risk health consumers before they become inactive, giving you an opportunity to proactively re-engage and retain them.
  • Develop specific offer recommendations for each individual health consumer and its probability of success versus static messaging.

You can leverage data analytics & predictive modeling to:

  • ID and market directly to health consumers
  • Increase physician referrals
  • Maintain health consumer compliance
  • Reduce readmissions
  • Track all revenue across your health system

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