Here is a collection of resources related to using customer data in direct mail to grow your financial institution’s revenue.


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4 Ways Retargeting via IP Match Helps You Unmask Anonymous Website Visitors

Discover how to successfully unmask and convert existing, unidentifiable site traffic.

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Direct Mail for the Digital Age

Find out how to use direct mail to take the heavy lifting out of your online efforts.

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10 Reasons You’d Be Crazy Not to Use Direct Mail to Drive Website Traffic

10 Reasons - small

See why employing an integrated marketing strategy helps drive and convert website traffic.

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Direct Mail 101: Tips for Designing an Effective Postcard

Postcard - small

Determine exactly how to format your postcard to best achieve your marketing and direct mail goals.

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How to Identify and Retarget Website Visitors (And Ultimately Prevent Ghosting!)

Identify Website Visitors Ebook

A new, unidentified customer doesn’t have to be a ghost and your retargeting doesn’t have to be creepy.

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How to Use Data to Power Up Your Customer Acquisition

Power Up Acquisition

Narrow your acquisition focus by locating and attracting more profitable customers with a smaller, more targeted net.

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Personalization Made Easy: Coordinating the Right Assets


Match all of your assets with the right customer at the right time to ensure your campaign has great success.

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Achieving Personalization Through Variable Data Messaging


Learn how variable data messaging achieves better direct mail response rates & increases lifetime value.

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Direct Mail 101: A Complete Overview of Mail Formats

Mail Format eguide

Determine which of the most popular direct mail formats will work best to achieve your marketing goals.

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Printing Defined: A Comprehensive Guide to Unfamiliar Terms in the World of Print


Get an understanding of the seemingly complex terms that have to do with each stage of the printing process.

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Infographic: What Happens When Your Direct Mail Is Delivered?

See what happens when direct mail marketing campaigns hit your customer’s mailbox, plus break down response by format.


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