Does Direct Mail Work?

Ask anyone at Compu-Mail the question, “Does direct mail work?” and you will hear a resounding “YES!” (And if you listen closely, you may also hear someone say “Mailed It!”)

We realize that as a marketing production company that specializes in print and mail, that may seem biased. But at Compu-Mail, our focus is on one thing: you. We help customers drive short-term sales and build long-term brand loyalty by taking their customer insights and directing them to the right people at the right time and place.

There are a variety of ways to make that happen: direct mail, email marketing, digital retargeting, SMS/text messaging, social media, online display, and more. All have their merits and work best when integrated, but studies show that the medium that has the highest response and longest staying power on its own is none other than direct mail.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what the experts are saying:


Direct Mail Response Rate Report

Direct mail response rate to house files is 9% (compared to 1% email, 1% paid search, .3% online display, 1% social media). This is nearly double the previous direct mail response rate of 5.1%.

Each year, the ANA | DMA produces a report containing valuable information around success metrics for email, online display, paid search, direct mail and social media. This report allows you to compare your results across industries, B-to-B versus B-to-C and campaigns objectives such as direct sale, retail traffic, and lead generation. Click here to learn more and download your own copy of the report to discover how all marketing channels have been performing.

Target Marketing Magazine

Old-School Direct Mail Tactics That Still Work

“…Direct mail is coming back, thanks, in part to new technologies and print techniques that make it more personalized, relevant, and valuable to the customer than ever before.” -Paul Bobnak

Paul Bobnak takes a look at four tried-and-tried direct marketing techniques and why they are still relevant in today’s digital age. Click here to read the full article.

Target Marketing Resource Library

Creating anticipation is the job of all direct response writers and designers, whether they’re creating messages for traditional print or digital media. Here’s why this emotion is so important: Anticipation leads to customer engagement and engagement leads to response — clicks, calls, visits and mail-in responses. -How to Build Customer Anticipation

This Resource Library contains valuable information for CMO’s, Content Marketers, Marketing Managers and other important decision makers. Click here to check out their compilation of best practices.

Bonus: Each year, we pull together a new list of marketing stats to show why direct mail is still the best medium for cutting through the clutter and getting your marketing message directly in the hands of your customers. A complete collection of statistics and sources is available here.


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