Data Analytics & Predictive Modeling

Understanding what’s in your data drives more effective communications.

You’ll benefit from our sophisticated data analysis and predictive modeling software that gives you the right information and tools you need to speak to your customers with messages they are most likely to be interested in, rather than blast generic messages they may or may not be interested in. These key insights are what helps you speak to your customers with the right messages at the right time.

Predictive modeling allows you to identify which customers are worth your marketing dollars and which are not, by identifying what they like, what they shop for, who they shop for, why they shop for items, when they shop, what motivates them, what their personal interests are – and more.

Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers or expand the lifetime value of existing ones, it is essential to utilize this data to create focused, cost-effective marketing campaigns. You’ll see a positive ROI by sending only to those most likely to be interested in your message, and save money by sending less mail.

Use predictive modeling to identify:

If acquiring new customers

  • Who are my best customers?
  • What drives them to buy?
  • What do their spending habits look like?
  • What are the attributes that connect them to my other best customers?
  • Where are potential customers that look exactly like them and are most likely to participate with my brand?

If expanding the lifetime value of existing customers

  • Who is ready to buy and when? How much will they spend?
  • Who may leave me as a customer?
  • Who is worth our marketing dollars? Who isn’t?
  • What specific products are each individual most likely to buy next?
  • Who will be most interested/receptive to the next product I’m launching?

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