Casino/Gaming Marketing

More intelligent communications through more intelligent data.

Today’s competitive gaming landscape has made it more challenging to grow your revenue and profits. As a result, casino and gaming marketers are rethinking their best practices for personalized direct marketing. Identifying better ways to communicate with patrons on an individual basis to increase engagement with their properties is a top priority. We work with casinos across the country to get patrons to come more often and spend more money when they do.

Casino Marketing Programs

  • Identification of and marketing directly to ideal patrons
  • Smart acquisition/retention efforts
  • Impactful 1:1 communications
  • Identification of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Prevention of customer attrition
  • Fully variable booklets and other formats

Data Analytics & Predictive Modeling

Proprietary data analytics will help you identify which patrons are the most likely to respond to your message and offers and where your marketing dollars will generate the highest rate of return.

Our programs result in decreased marketing spend and increased ROI. You will be able to:

  • Identify at risk customers before they become inactive, giving you an opportunity to proactively re-engage and retain them.
  • Develop specific offer recommendations for each individual customer and its probability of success versus static messaging.

Interested in increasing spend per person 10-30%?

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