Where Direct Mail Fits in Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

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As long-time readers of Total Retail, we were happy to contribute this guest post, titled “Where Direct Mail Fits in Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy” to their marketing blog. Here’s an excerpt:

While many marketers recognize the value of direct mail in this increasingly online world, it can be difficult to figure out where it fits in their omnichannel marketing strategies.

According to performance marketing agency Merkle, marketing campaigns that used direct mail and one or more digital media experienced a 118 percent lift in response rate compared to using direct mail only. The key is to use direct mail as the vehicle that drives the entire omnichannel marketing experience.

Explore the full article here on the Total Retail website. And while you’re there, be sure to check out their resource library, the premier source for free marketing best practices and case studies.

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