4 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

Social media imageThe last couple of years have brought us great advancements in technology and revolutionary products like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and iPhone X (among many others). These products have greatly changed the way marketers communicate with customers, and vice versa.

Here are four marketing trends to watch in 2018:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI has revolutionized the customer service experience. Considering that 90% of people will visit a website before calling or visiting a store, it’s critical for brands to have live chat support tools prominently displayed so customers are able to interact with the brand in real time. Rather than staffing the chat tools with human employees with a limited ability to solve problems on-the-spot, marketers are leaning more and more toward staffing them with AI chatbots that can easily “aggregate location-specific requests to detect patterns, spot repetitive problems, and predict what’s causing issues for a particular user.”
  2. Voice marketing and Internet of Things (IoT): With the rise of products like Alexa and Google Home, customers are able to access information and control transactions by simply speaking out loud. It’s important to make sure that your website is optimized for voice search and easily accessible by AI-powered tools like Siri.
  3. Individualization: It’s easier than ever for marketers to collect information from their customers. Recognizing this, customers have come to demand highly personal and relevant experiences. This is causing a marketing shift toward individualization, a step up from the standard personalization that has been fueling 1:1 communications, opening new avenues to add context that improves the relevancy and timeliness of messages.
  4. Direct mail as vehicle that drives the online experience: The attention on digital marketing has created a lot of “noise” in that space. Customers and prospects are receiving thousands of messages a day. Direct mail gives you the ability to reach them where they can hear you, and gives them the ability to interact when they are ready.

How do you feel about these trends? Are there any others you are watching in 2018?

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