Compu-Mail Launches Omni DM with Capabilities for Mail Tracking, Call Tracking, and Digital Retargeting

OMNI-DM LogoCompu-Mail recently launched Omni DM, a platform designed to help customers seamlessly integrate their marketing efforts through high response direct mail, call tracking, and digital retargeting through Google and Facebook. Compu-Mail offers complete direct marketing services via mail and digital channels, as well as expanded commercial print production through subsidiary company Dual Print & Mail.

Omni DM is a software that automatically integrates direct mail campaigns, phone call tracking (and on-demand recordings of those calls), mail delivery tracking, and online ads through Google and Facebook. Companies that elect to add Omni DM to their direct mail campaigns (businesses of all sizes) can log into their personalized dashboard and see results in real time. Omni DM allows customers to easily monitor the progress of their direct mail campaigns through the USPS network, and qualifies for certain USPS postage promotion discounts.*

In addition, Omni DM allows customers to analyze a campaign’s effectiveness using unique local or toll-free numbers assigned to their mailing and stay in front of visitors that leave a website without taking any action through 90 days of retargeting with Google and Facebook. Compu-Mail is currently offering 30% off each customer’s first campaign using Omni DM.

“Omni DM is truly the future of direct marketing,” said Michael Vitch, President of Compu-Mail. “Our customers can now just place one call and hang up the phone with a complete marketing plan in place that automatically handles the most labor-intensive parts of marketing.”

*8/31/17: There are no current USPS postage promotions discounts that Omni DM currently qualifies for, but there are other ways you can save on postage with Compu-Mail.

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About Compu-Mail

Compu-Mail ( provides end-to-end direct marketing and business printing services to companies across the U.S. and Canada. Headquartered in Grand Island, NY, Compu-Mail services include direct mail, email marketing, data driven marketing with database management, statement rendering, and variable imaging. Compu-Mail can be reached at 800.255.0670 or
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