Top 10 Most Read in 2016

It’s December again, and we’re feeling nostalgic as we reflect on the year that was and look eagerly ahead to the year that will be. As 2016 comes to a close, here’s a look at the top ten most read marketing articles we published this year.

1. 25 Direct Mail Stats for 2016

For our data lovers, we pulled together a new list of direct mail stats as part of our ongoing effort to share new statistics indicating why direct mail is an integral part of omnichannel campaigns.

2. USPS Rate Adjustments and 2017 Direct Mail Promotions

USPS filed a request for 2017 Direct Mail Promotions with the Postal Regulatory Commission in May – the earliest they’ve ever filed – to give marketers more time to plan their 2017 campaigns.

3. Top 20 Email Marketing Statistics for 2016

Here, we put together a list of a few new things we’ve learned about marketing in the last few years.

4. USPS Direct Mail Promotions: Are They Right for You?

In this post, we took a look at the USPS Direct Mail Promotions valid for the first half of 2016. Keep in mind – many of these will be repeated in 2017, with updated durations and expanded eligibility.

5. Target vs. Saturation: Direct Mail Acquisition Strategies

There are two very different approaches to acquisition campaigns. Here, we outlined when to target and when to saturate your audience.

6. How to Give Print a Digital Reflection

Every marketer knows that each communication with your customers should be viewed from a high-level, omnichannel perspective. In this post, we talked about why print stands out and how you can incorporate it into your marketing mix.

7. Happy Earth Day! Our 2016 Green Update

We celebrated Earth Day with this quick update on the latest steps we’ve taken toward greening our company.

8. First Postal Decrease in Almost a Century: Will You Take Advantage?

In this article, our spring intern Hayley Besaw covered the first postage decrease since 1919.

9. USPS Direct Mail Promotions for the Second Half of 2016

In this post, we took a look at the USPS Direct Mail Promotions valid for the second half of 2016. As with the promotions valid for the first half of the year, many of these will be repeated in 2017, with updated durations and expanded eligibility.

10. Casino Marketing in 2016: Maximize Player Participation

We prepared for the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma by sharing a few ways casino marketers can leverage trigger marketing programs to maximize player participation, with techniques that can be applied across all industries.

Bonus #1: The most read article on Dual Print & Mail in 2016
Prepress Defined

This year, Dual Print & Mail launched a print term definition series seeking to uncover the unfamiliar terms in the world of print. This was the first post in the series.

Read Dual Print & Mail’s Top 5

Bonus #2: Compu-Mail’s most popular evergreen content
15 for ’15: More Direct Mail Statistics

A Digital Generation That’s Not So Digital After All


Bonus #3: Free eBook
Achieving Personalization with Variable Data Messaging

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