What’s the #1 Format for Your Mail Campaigns?

We’re pleased to feature this new series for marketers examining several popular mailing formats. If you’re a marketer who is scientific in your strategy, calculated in your execution, and ready to explore new terrain, this series is for you.

The series defines each format and then unfolds the pros and cons, as well as best uses and stats on effectiveness. Our goal is to help you determine which direct mail format will work best to achieve your marketing goals. 

To kick off the series, we are keeping things traditional, sticking to the most researched formats. Over time we’ll look to expand into unique examples and applications of direct mail formats that proved to be silver bullets for their specific marketing campaigns.

Here’s what’s featured so far:

Is there a format you are interested in learning more about that is not listed above? Please write to us in the comments section below so we can bring it to the series!

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