Top 10 Countdown: Most Read in 2014

We love this time of year – it’s a great opportunity to take a pause and look back, not to mention planning for the new year! As part of our year-end review, we took a look at what marketing articles on our site got the most attention in 2014. Here’s the countdown – we’re sure #1 won’t be a big surprise when you see what it is. And we’re including a bonus article too.

10. Preparing for Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation
CASL was a huge shake-up of anti-spam regulation, and the strictest law to date. Our resource page helped steer readers to the information they needed to comply.

9. Database Marketing Then & Now [Infographic]
A throwback journey to take a look at how far database marketing has come since the 1980s.

Black Spider on a Pot of Candy Corn - Creepy Marketing

Is your marketing job creepy?

8. Seven Ways to Respond When Your Friends Say Your Marketing Job is Creepy
Halloween put us in the mood to address the “creepy” side of data-driven marketing.

7. Personalization in Admissions Marketing: A Student’s Perspective
Our high school intern contributed this piece reflecting on the effectiveness of personalized direct mail in her college decision-making.

6. Top 30 Email Marketing Statistics for 2014
A tweetable list of email stats in various categories, curated from around the web.

5. Fundraising & Non-Profit Marketing 2014: Multichannel Marketing
Part of our series of marketing trends to watch for 2014, we presented ways fundraisers could use multiple channels in their campaigns to increase response.

4. Cheesy Marketing Jokes
With a nod to April Fools Day, we shared a few cheesy marketing jokes that probably served as entertainment for many, many brain breaks. We shared more later in the year too.


6-month-old Baby Spear is excited to celebrate her first Christmas later this week!

3. Hey Shutterfly, I’m STILL Pregnant.
It’s probable the teaser photo of our very own, and very pregnant Molli Spear influenced the high traffic to this post on the importance of VERY careful data maintenance and segmentation.

2. 2014 Marketing Trends to Watch
Everybody wants to keep an eye on trends in their industry, and this overview page for our marketing trends series showed our readers are no exception. From this page, readers clicked to view the trends most relevant for their industries.

And drumroll please… the #1 most read marketing article on our site in 2014 is:

1. 25 Direct Marketing Statistics Prove Direct Mail Works
Accessible statistics are a great reinforcement for what we often already know as direct marketers. This short and sweet, well-curated list generated not just lots of reads but lots of shares.


BONUS: This post on Dual Print & Mail’s site was so popular with our readers this year we wanted to share it here too:
Hot vs. Cold Foil Printing: 5 Points to Consider


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