Meet the Team: Company Administration

Our people are what make our services outstanding. We bring you a series of articles highlighting individual departments that make up the Compu-Mail team.


What three words describe Compu-Mail’s Administrative Team?

“Supportive.” “Hardworking.” “Awesome.”

These three characteristics were among many that were shouted out as each member interjected their own thoughts, but “cohesive,” “supportive,” “unbelievable,” “funny,” and “meticulous” also made the list as my pen scrambled to collect the rapid flow of information.

All of these attributes are true descriptions of our Administrative team. This energetic, fun-loving bunch run both internal and external company affairs, taking care of clients and employees every day. They may possess some of the most diverse duties amongst the whole company, but that doesn’t stop them from being a sort of family within a family. They admire each other, accept each others’ differences, call each other nicknames (e.g. Digit Girl, Moola Man, Pitbull, etc.), forgive quickly, work diligently, and overall contribute to making Compu-Mail such a fun and successful organization.

“Even though each of our roles is different, the team goal is always achieved for the company.” – Diane Wasieczko, Office Manager


The Administrative Team can be broken down into multiple parts:

Accounting Operations– This portion of the team, responsible for more internal functions, ensures that employee needs are met (i.e. guaranteeing that everyone gets their paychecks :-)). But more than that, this squad works industriously to monitor all accounts payable and receivable; prepare and document all taxes; assist accountants and prepare all financial data and reports; and perform research, reconcile all bank accounts, and resolve any and all process issues.

Postage Accounting– Given what we do at Compu-Mail, postage accounting plays a big role in making sure projects go off without a hitch for our clients. Our team follow strict ethical and legal standards to ensure the best for the customer and for the company. They plan, organize, direct, manage, and evaluate the budget, customer service, and operational activities related to postage.

All of the team members contributing to client accounting functions work closely with our Account Executives, putting seamless and accurate customer service above all else.

Company Affairs– This final piece of Administration works to provide the very best for clients and employees alike. Lucille, receptionist and “Director of First Impressions,” is the first person you hear or see when you contact our organization. You don’t receive some robot on the other line, but rather a friendly voice that is eager to help with whatever problems or questions you may have. Diane, our Office Manager, is in charge of company parties and events; including functions that allow us to connect with clients in person. On top of organizing office operations and procedures, preparing payroll, controlling correspondence, designing filing systems, and recruiting, selecting, and training new employees, these ladies take the time to recognize the hard work that is performed by our employees.

Our goal as a company is to help you achieve all of your direct marketing goals. Our knowledgeable, amiable, and reliable Administrative team helps us reach that goal through their hard work and dedication each and every single day.

Meet the rest of the Compu-Mail team:



Brenna Donovan is an intern at Compu-Mail. She is currently a student at Lewiston-Porter High School and is enrolled in the Academy of International Business and Finance. Her high school curriculum has included several AP and honors level courses as well. Brenna plans on studying environmental engineering in college, starting in the fall of 2015.

About Compu-Mail

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