Meet the Team: Digital Printing

Our people are what make our services outstanding. We bring you a series of articles highlighting individuals on the Compu-Mail team who provide the added value to our direct marketing services.

Who they are.

At Compu-Mail, we often find ourselves explaining how we’re not just a mail shop. Likewise, our digital printing and imaging team is not just a bunch of printers. These guys are tech-savvy problem solvers, creating opportunities for our clients and bringing their projects to the next level.

Compu-Mail Print Team

From left to right: Shawn, Lisa, Ken, Tim, and Rich
Not pictured: David

Their equipment and outlook.

The Compu-Mail imaging team counts on a wide range of print equipment to get the job done right including Xerox iGen4s, a Xerox Nuvera, a Xerox DocuPrint System and a Konica/Minolta 1200. But it’s their outlook that makes the true difference.

Manager of Printing and Imaging, Tim, offers his favorite part about the work he does:

“There’s a certain satisfaction in producing high-quality work in a short amount of time. Meeting what at first seems like an unrealistic deadline is always a good feeling.”


As for Compu-Mail in particular, Tim says he most enjoys the people. “It takes a lot of communication and cooperation to get jobs in and out of the building efficiently and effectively while maintaining the quality that our customers have come to expect.” It’s true – you might only deal with an Account Executive here at Compu-Mail, or a Sales Rep, but believe it or not, your project will meet everyone on its way to completion.

The best part about this is that you have 90+ employees looking out for you as they add their part to your project. As Tim put it, “From sales and account representatives to programming, prepress, imaging, bindery and lettershop, all the way to shipping, your product is constantly undergoing the scrutiny of our entire staff to ensure a piece worthy of the Compu-Mail name. The product we deliver is the end result of a series of procedures that we’re constantly refining and improving.”

Compu-Mail Printing The team in action.

One most satisfying moment in his 26 years at Compu-Mail came about as a result of Superstorm Sandy back in 2012. 40 boxes of poll books were on their way into Jersey from Compu-Mail that fateful day the storm hit. Unable to locate the books because of the chaos, and fearful they were underwater, a desperate client turned to us for help. Within 48 hours, 40 boxes of freshly pressed poll books with 200,000 pages covering 1 million voters successfully found their way from us to them.

I suppose that’s why Tim answered “reliable” when asked to describe himself and his team in three words. He also answered consistent and accommodating (and Brad-Pitt-lookalike, but that debate is for another day and another blog).


Meet the rest of the Compu-Mail team:


About Compu-Mail

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