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Our people are what make our services outstanding. We bring you a series of articles highlighting individuals on the Compu-Mail team who provide the added value to our direct marketing services.

Data Management for Highly Effective Direct Marketing Campaigns

Right Message. Right Person. Right Time. Remember this concept from our 5 Things Successful Marketers NEVER Say? Of course, it is one of the phrases successful marketers do say. The more relevant a message appears to a recipient, the more likely you will get a response. Delivering the right message, though, requires a little data digging!Compu-Mail Direct Marketing Data Management

That’s why we keep our data team at the ready. Our eight data experts—Ruth, John, Jim, Bill, James, Joe, and two Mikes—work magic with lists that brings campaigns to the next level. They build, develop, engineer, process, and clean databases, providing you an organized view of your prospects and their current needs.

Why We’re Driven by Data

The success of a direct mail campaign hinges on the data. Say you have a kick-butt, time sensitive, must-have offer, captivating creative, brilliant copy, and a clear call to action – but your list is not targeted, segmented or clean. What do you get? Miniscule responses and money left on table. Selecting and segmenting your lists will be the most important step you take in the production of a direct mail campaign.

Data makes success measurable and informs future successes. Direct mail is arguably one of the most easily tracked marketing media when it comes to ROI. With variable print technologies and digital integrations, A/B testing is easy to execute. This gives marketers the power to really narrow into their customers’ preferences, and then deliver.

Our data team builds customized reports, since each marketer’s needs are different. With use of online portals and automated email updates, the information will come right back to the client in an easy to understand format.

Our Approach to Data Management

1. Precision – That’s a no brainer when you’re working with data; accuracy and thoroughness are top priority. Mailings that go out of Compu-Mail go through…

Data Management that gets Results

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  • CASS: Names and addresses are standardized for proper USPS addressing. Full zipcode and barcode are added to the data.
  • Cleaning:
    • Unneeded information is removed from the data.
    • Changes of address are uncovered and corrected.
    • Deceased and imprisoned contacts are screened from the data.
    • “Merge and purge” identifies duplicates and removes them.
    • Upper and lower case errors are scanned and corrected.
  • Filtering: For targeting segments (customer vs. prospect, gender, location, and much more).
  • Additional data work:
    • Personalization of pieces is applied at this point.
    • Maps can be generated based on the data.
    • Personal URLs can be included.
    • The options are unlimited! Where there’s a will, our team finds the way.

2. Innovation – “Competitors can run programs, but they don’t develop,” shares Joe, one of our Data team leaders. In other words, they’ll clean and organize data, but when it comes to designing relational databases—structures that determine relationships between groups of information—providers without a keen focus on data tend to drop the baton.

Development to us means creating programs that add value to the data points. This relational design is the ultimate tool for aiming and personalizing messages that get results.

3. Fervor – According to Joe, the best part of being a developer at Compu-Mail is “The look on peoples’ faces when a problem is solved, or a new capability is found. USPS can be challenging with lots of standards and requirements, but that’s what we like—a challenge.”

The most targeted and fruitful direct marketing campaigns take advantage of our climate of data invasion and apply multiple data sources to narrow in on an audience. With a challenge-driven and inquisitive data team on your side, the only limiting force to how you apply that data is your imagination.

Do your data management tactics have some catching up to do since the dawn of big data? We’d love to share our experience. Contact us for a free audit of your programs. >>

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