Casino Marketing 2014: Behavior-Based Offers

Get Personal with Trigger Marketing

With multiple locations and lines of business—often including gaming, online gaming, restaurants, stores, hotels, golf courses and more—casino marketing lends itself perfectly to a triggered marketing solution. After seeing the bigger gaming corporations reap the benefits of such technology, and once they learn the functionality and cost-effectiveness of it, marketing directors of smaller competitors in the gaming industry will hop on the bandwagon.

Trigger marketing begins with the aggregation of customer data from each line of business into one database. Doing so opens the door to greater insight into each customer and how they interact with your brand. Personalized and automated messaging, including messaging through direct mail and email, capitalizes on that insight. It’s just the ticket to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

Gaming and casino marketers won’t want to pass up the opportunity for this logically automated communication program once they see the profitability and ease of it. Take Caesars Entertainment as an example. In a Direct Marketing News case study on Caesars’ data tactics, we are given an instance of a Caesars patron who frequents Rao’s restaurant at their location on The Strip.

Because Caesars collects data in one master database, they are able to connect this data point with this patron’s hotel history, which they learn is non-existent. The next marketing messages this patron will receive are populated with a hotel stay offer along with a free dinner at Rao’s restaurant. Caesars has effortlessly crafted a relevant, and therefore more effective, up-sell opportunity from their customer data.

When triggered emails are combined with personalized and triggered direct mail, marketers saw a 50% improvement to response rates in 2013. [Epsilon study]

Epsilon reported that triggered emails earn click-through-rates of 119% more than an average business email. When combined with personalized and triggered direct mail, trigger marketers in 2013 saw a 50% improvement to response rates. Compared to an average click-through-rate of 2.9% or the average ROI of direct mail of 4%, we see trigger marketing as a bandwagon-worthy trend for casino marketers in 2014.

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