Retail Marketing 2014: Customer Experience

Customer Experience Converges in Retail Marketing for 2014.

Retail marketers in particular face the challenge of communication with customers across multiple platforms. Web, social, mobile, mail, email and voice – busy yet? 2014 brings with it a renewed need to ensure these platforms work together to create a cohesive “customer experience” (CX).

60% of respondents said that they expected converged retail channels to be the norm by 2014.

Capgemini, “Digital Shopper Relevancy”

What does this mean? First, relevance. More than ever marketers must work to personalize each customer’s experience to match their needs and stage in the buying cycle. This means the old adage comes into play again: right message, right person, right time. Whether on the website, in an email or a piece of postal mail – tailoring the communication to the individual means a better experience. The key to doing that effectively is to use your data well.

Second, CX is not just in the domain of marketing. It’s organization-wide. Marketing must work hand in hand with all groups within the company, in particular customer support, to maintain focus on the end customer’s experience. Communication is no longer just publishing out to the customer – it’s enabling the customer to inform your company (as well as their own networks) and the communication WITHIN your company itself that matter.

In a recent 1to1 Media article, Anna Papachristos noted:

“When developing strong customer experience strategy, creating meaningful connections holds much power. According to Mark Gehman, director at Perficient, building relationships that focus on relevance are the most expedient path to providing value. In 2014, organizations will invest in the proper Web platforms that allow them to maximize relevancy and create personalized content to enhance engagement.”


1to1 Media also provides an excellent infographic on the rising importance of focusing on CX:




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