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Production Management at Compu-MailMeet the man that makes all jobs run without hiccup: Rich Baker, our VP of Operations.

You may not deal directly with this high energy innovator, but no doubt, your involvement with us has been influenced by his behind-the-scenes hard work and dedication.

What he does: He directly oversees Lettershop, Prepress, Account Management, Logistics, Data Management, Technical Services, and Inventory. Or as he puts it, “I work with teams to solve problems or create opportunities.”
How he does it: By providing direction, resources, a platform and coaching.

His daily duties involve meetings, meetings, and more meetings—to educate departments on new product offerings, to catalyze team bonding, to brainstorm through a problem, or to plan for next year’s challenges. Whatever is thrown at this guy – changes in postage, updated software, challenges with workflow, the list goes on – he does the research and thinking necessary to make it cohesive with the Compu-Mail process.

Rich explains his position at Compu-Mail: “Basically I do whatever I can to make the business more efficient and to create more opportunities for our clients.”

He pushes for that extra value in your direct marketing campaigns.

We asked Rich of a time that his contribution to the Compu-Mail team considerably added to the success of a client’s marketing campaign. He very humbly responded “Everyday. All the time.”

It’s just what he does! He is paid to uncover solutions that make direct mail cheaper for YOU, or more effective for YOU.Dropshipping Analysis Quote

“Every day when I come in, I’m working on multiple projects that are just making new opportunities to help clients and our team, and creating a better experience for both.”

A solid example of a time he added value for our clients is on the logistical end of our direct mail process. Rich worked tirelessly on a plan to make your direct mail cheaper and quicker to send with his extensive knowledge in postage and mail flow. See here his Dropshipping diagram that could save you money on an effective direct mail campaign.

How does one become a direct marketing, problem solving guru like Rich?

  • Rich is a HUGE self-learner.
    He is constantly reading industry magazines, attending seminars and conferences, and taking extra training in direct mail production.
  • Rich has LOTS of experience in the print business.
    This may be your first time with direct mail, or perhaps it’s an annual/biannual event in your marketing calendar. Rich, on the other hand, has worked with it 11 years straight, with a decade more experience in print and production before that. You can trust his experience.
  • Rich genuinely loves working through the problems of others.
    “I love when a huge problem or challenge comes to me and the person doesn’t seem to think it can be solved, and then when we find a solution for the problem … their face – the wow – is such a rewarding moment.”

“We just want to find out how our services can be used to reach the client’s goals.”

-Rich Baker


Meet the rest of the Compu-Mail Team:

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