Meet the Team: Prepress

Prepress: Joining direct marketing technologies and creativity.

Meet Prepress. You might refer to this lively foursome as our creative team. You’d be right, since they are responsible for layout and setup for all our direct marketing projects. However, “creative team” might shortchange their wide range of skills.

Our Digital Direct Marketing Layout Artists

First we have Jamie, the manager of the Prepress department. Jamie has over 25 years of experience in printing and design. She has had technical training in HTML, Adobe products, XMPie, and Xerox iGen4 Press. So along with managing the group, she effortlessly handles an array of print and digital direct marketing design.

Compu-Mail Prepress Creative Direct Marketing Services

From left to right: Jamie, Cindy, Bernie, and Jillian.

Jillian is the most senior member of Prepress, having started the department solo in 2002. Jillian is well versed in many Xerox printers and in fact is one of two people in the country with a certification in Xerox Productivity Plus for the iGen4. Her expertise lies in color and design, and her friends over in Account Management refer to her as our Digital Color Specialist. She attributes most of her ability to “natural talent ;).”

Cindy joined the Prepress group on Jillian’s referral. She comes in the clutch when the team is presented with a complex variable project. Since essentially all aspects of a direct mail piece or email can be personalized by varying the data—i.e. inserting a person’s name or picture into a piece—projects can get a little intricate and technical. But with robust design and programming abilities, Cindy can handle even the toughest of set-ups, making sure the proper set of data aligns to each variable field in a project.

Bernie is the latest addition to Prepress. He handles the digital projects alongside Jamie, designing for email and landing pages, and has a hefty background in printing and publishing. Bernie loves to take on projects, and has done some internal social media design on the side. He enjoys the “curve balls” thrown to him from Account Management, saying, “It’s fun when a new problem comes up for a project, even if it’s a bad one, because I like working through it and knowing that I had a hand in its solution.”

What Matters Most:  Success by Creativity

Prepress prides themselves on their 2 hour average production time.
They are four hardworking and dedicated designers, with a contagious energy that fills the office. Along with their creative thinking skills, any one of them can turn a high quality project over under the tightest of deadlines.

Compu-Mail Award Winning Direct Mail

One of Compu-Mail’s award-winning, variable direct mail pieces.

The team is constantly investigating new technologies, and our offerings to clients continue to expand because of it.
“Most recently, I worked on a new trigger marketing program implementation working closely with the account executive team and the technical services team,” shares Jamie. And now she tackles beta testing of new XMPie software.

When you choose direct marketing at Compu-Mail, you get award-winning designs.
This statement rings true again this June as Compu-Mail received two Certificates of Merit in Printing Industries of America’s International Print Competition. The Certificates of Merit recognize the achievement of Prepress in the areas of customized/personalized/variable data digital printing and desk calendars.

These merits follow suit in Compu-Mail’s track record. In last year’s Premier Print Awards, we were presented with the “Benny” for Best in Campaign. That same year, our Calendar Design Committee accepted the Neenah Paper Gold Award for “the best use of paper” and for “creativity and excellence in digital printing.”

When it comes to creative in marketing, there is nothing more beneficial than a well-rounded employee who can use their creativity in conjunction with technology and the knowledge of marketing strategy. For this reason, we are very proud to have Jamie, Jillian, Cindy and Bernie as representatives of Compu-Mail.



Meet the rest of the Compu-Mail Team:




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