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Our people are what make our services outstanding. We bring you a series of articles highlighting individuals on the Compu-Mail team who provide the added value to our direct marketing services. 

Quality assurance in your direct mail – brought
to you by Compu-Mail’s Lettershop crew.

So an Account Manager has set you up with one of our dedicated Account Executives (AEs) here at Compu-Mail. You’ve viewed the project proofs and given the go-ahead. Your direct mailing has officially “gone live.”

Compu-Mail Lettershop Group PhotoNow the mail piece has been printed, and all the components are ready. It’s time to make your project mail-ready marketing.

This is where our Lettershop department comes in.

“Once a project has gone live and is in our hands, we finish off the production of the project, whether that means folding, binding, assembling, inserting…whatever the piece requires.” explains Kathy Bongiovanni, Compu-Mail’s Lettershop Manager.

What they do

All 30 Lettershop employees are cross-trained to use the variety of equipment on the production floor:

Compu-Mail Direct Marketing Lettershop

Ink Jet Technologies

• 3 dual head videojet solvent based units
• Variable printed envelopes
• Addressing of direct mail
• High resolution output
• Up to 100,000 mail pieces addressed per hour

Hand Assembly and Fulfillment of Direct Mail

• Kit assembly
• Dimensional mail assembly
• Pick and pack


• Tab cutting, hole punching, laminating, cutting, scoring, binding, stitching, folding, trimming, perforating, UV Coating, and much more.

Organization is critical for Compu-Mail. When a million piece mailing comes through, there is a flurry of activity on the production floor to keep the jobs on schedule.

“We do keep a fast pace back here,” says Kathy, referring to the production floor. “But we like the chaos. We LIKE to be busy.”

Our Lettershop team knows just how to tame the chaos with their fine-tuned system.

The directions for a direct mail project are communicated in a way our Lettershop crew can quickly understand by our expert Account Executives, and organized in what we call “job jackets.” These job jackets are then placed in one of various work-flows, depending on what work must be done to the particular job.

Kathy Bongiovanni, Manager of Lettershop

Kathy Bongiovanni, Manager of Lettershop

Lettershop’s job board specifies the workflow where each scheduled employee is assigned for that day. Account management, the creative team, and technical services have done all the groundwork at this point, and once the marketing material is printed, it’s in Lettershop’s hands to prepare it for postage.

Detailed. Fast-paced. Hardworking. 

That’s what Kathy Bongiovanni sees in her employees. And that’s the added bonus to a Compu-Mail direct marketing project. Our employees care about the projects, on every level—from account management to the warehouse.

Kathy tells us “My employees are very quality conscious. They’ve said on projects, ‘this doesn’t look great. Let’s rerun it.’ And they’re quick enough that if a job isn’t done to the best of our ability, they can do that.”

“We’re good at what we do. We work our hardest to do the job to the client’s standards, to turn the project into exactly what they were anticipating…or better.”



Meet the rest of the Compu-Mail Team:

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