Meet the Team: Your Account Executives

Our people are what make our services outstanding. We bring you a series of articles highlighting individual departments that make up the Compu-Mail team. 

Compu-Mail’s Account Executives (AEs) are the quarterbacks and safe-keepers of your marketing projects. Once you hike the ball to them, they cradle it like a newborn and hand it off for the touchdown.

Compu-Mail Account Executives

Account executives connect our clients and Compu-Mail’s departments to

  • Ensure client instructions are being followed
  • Oversee project set-up
  • Supervise production
  • Proof projects
  • Organize invoices and estimates
  • Keep the job moving
  • Monitor deadlines

“It’s our job to understand the needs of the client, and figure out how to get there,” says Kathy Schall, the Director of  Account Management. That’s why our AEs are in constant contact with clients about current and future projects. They are always here to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Between the occasional rubber band war and fielding your questions and concerns, a typical day for the AEs includes answering the questions of internal departments involved in the care of your project. They make sure all contributors are on the same page to guarantee the success of the project for the client.

What makes them so good?

1. They are the ultimate problem solvers.

In fact, problem solving is part of the job attraction for these folks. They enjoy finding solutions that work, and interacting with different people to get there.

On the rare occasion that your question stumps our AEs, you can bet a brainstorming meeting is quickly called to order to devise a resolution.

2. They epitomize attention to detail.

Kathy Schall, Compu-Mail

Kathy Schall, Director of Account Management

“We care about the product that we produce,” shared Kathy when asked to name one thing clients don’t necessarily know about the Account Executive position. They may not be designing and printing your direct mail, or executing your trigger marketing campaigns, but they truly care about the success of your projects.

This is demonstrated by the care taken by the AEs when inputting orders into our Mailshop program. They are responsible for providing accurate information and ensuring that the final result reflects the original plan.

3. They are professional listeners and communicators.

To be detail oriented as an Account Executive, a person has to be an effective communicator. They shepherd projects from beginning to end, collaborating with countless people by email, phone, and in-person meetings. Our AEs want nothing more than to fully understand your needs, and to see that those needs are met, so great communication skills are a must.

“My favorite part about working at Compu-Mail is…”

“…Many people have the same work ethic as I do,” shared Kathy. The employees care about their work, and are just enjoyable to be around. Comfortable and laid back while also being focused and goal driven, the environment at Compu-Mail caters to success.


Meet the rest of the Compu-Mail Team:

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