Top Ten Ideas for Non-Profits

Compu-Mail’s Top Ten Ideas to keep your non-profit marketing plan going in the right direction.

  1. Direct mail is still the king. But email, web, social media and mobile are creeping ever closer. Don’t wait to get with the program.
  2. Don’t look to save money on the outer envelope of an appeal mailing. If the donor isn’t compelled to open it what’s the point?
  3. Embrace the concept of raising money from your donor and not from you. If the message pleases you it might not please the donor.
  4. Develop your fundraising campaign strategy around those who have proven wealth and are donors.
  5. You must acquire more donors than you lose every year. For most direct-response programs that means adding mail-acquired donors.
  6. Look in your donor files for lapsed donors. Add up the dollar value of gifts they’ve given. After you faint, go after your lapsed donors with this message: “We love you. We miss you. We want you back!” Who could resist?
  7. Personalize. First name does not count anymore. You better know why I’m involved and what I hope to accomplish with my donation, and you better show me in your messaging. There’s just no excuse anymore.
  8. People are waking to the idea that they have to create personal relationships with their donors.
  9. Figure out the social network once and for all, but don’t forget to continue to invest in email acquisition.
  10. Make it easy for people to donate from their cell phone, but don’t forget to keep some form of snail-mail program (asking and thanking).

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