About Dr. Omni, D.M.

Dr Omni DM

Dr. Omni, D.M.

Bio: Dr. Omni, D.M. is the resident expert on all things direct marketing at Compu-Mail. He specializes in helping marketers across all industries seamlessly integrate their marketing efforts through high response direct mail, call tracking, and digital retargeting through Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Dr. Omni has extensive experience helping marketers plan, design, and execute on direct marketing programs to successfully meet their goals.

Specialties: Big Data, Call Tracking, Data Driven Marketing, Data Management, Data Security, Digital Printing, Digital Retargeting, Direct Mail, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Mail Tracking, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Dashboards, Omni DM, Personalization, Printing, Retargeting With Google And Facebook, Segmentation, Targeted Marketing, Variable Data Messaging, Variable Direct Mail, Variable Imaging

Education: Omni DM University, Class of 2017

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How to get in touch with Dr. Omni:
Email marketing [at] compu-mail [dot] com
Call 800-255-0670

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