Omni DM – New Patient Edition


Combining Direct Mail & Online Ads for More New Patients!

Wish you could find the magic recipe to bring in new patients with less effort and marketing expense?

Tada! Your wish has been granted!

Omni DM New Patient Edition takes time-tested direct mail and adds these powerful features to bring you more patients for less marketing dollars:

Mail Tracking

With built in mail tracking you can login to see exactly when your mail will be delivered so that your staff are ready for the additional traffic!

Call Tracking

Gone are the days of wondering whether your marketing is actually working! With the built in call tracking feature you can log in to your account anytime to see how many calls your campaign has produced. You can even listen to the calls to ensure your front desk staff are handling the new patient calls properly and that no calls are being missed during off hours.

Online Ads

As your mail pieces hit mailboxes, those same prospective patients will start seeing your advertisement on thousands of websites. The ads are targeted to only display to those in your service area and direct prospective patients to call you or visit your website to set up an appointment.


How is Omni DM New Patient Edition Different from Omni DM?
The New Patient Edition displays your ads to a targeted geographical group of prospective patients instead of just the people who went to your website. This way you have more of a chance of hitting everyone on your mailing list with online ads as they are receiving your mailer, giving you exponential results!

How will Omni DM New Patient Edition actually give me more new patients than traditional direct mail?
After running thousands of campaigns for practices of all kinds, and then running hundreds of Omni DM campaigns, we have found that practices get better results due to the additional exposure from the online ads, as well as the tracking capabilities.

Omni DM New Patient Edition costs just pennies more per piece than traditional direct mail. Plus, the more cards you mail, the cheaper it is!

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