Compu-Mail Solutions: Case Study 1

Telecommunications Company Transforms Its Invoice Printing Process

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A rapidly growing telecommunications company was struggling with the processing of its customers’ monthly invoices. At the time, it was utilizing a third-party billing company (specialized software) to calculate the invoice information. This bill data was then forwarded to a major national statement rendering firm—and the process often exceeded 10 days. The statement-rendering firm was unable to create a custom-tailored process to streamline production for the telecommunications company.

Compu-Mail was asked to review the process.


We proposed a custom statement solution that was implemented within 90 days.

Our solution allowed for receipt of the bill data, processing, postal automation, and statement rendering in less than 48 hours. Plus, Compu-Mail’s service charges were more than 40% less than the major national statement-rendering firm.

Soon after the process began, Compu-Mail reduced costs by converting the majority of invoices to a landscape format. This modification resulted in another 40% savings.

Since partnering with Compu-Mail, the telecommunications company has continued to grow and has doubled its customer base.

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