Compu-Mail Solutions: Case Study 3

Print on Demand Technology Revolutionizes Mutual Fund Company’s Printing & Fulfillment

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A mutual fund company was seeking a solution for the need to provide updated fund materials to investment advisors who sold those funds. The company has been printing and storing a significant quantity of prospectuses, sell sheets, summary reports, notices, ratings reports and other fund information. Investment advisors would request quantities of these materials for their use. The materials would need to be updated frequently at unknown intervals. This often caused wasted printing and required frequent re-runs.


Compu-Mail proposed a solution that utilized Print on Demand (POD) technology to produce many of the requested documents as required. Changes could be made as needed and preprinting was significantly reduced.

This solution provided the funds’ customers quick fulfillment response with the most current fund data. Pre-print quantities were reduced and fund documents were easily and quickly updated. This saved print cost and time.

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