Compu-Mail Solutions: Case Study 5

Casino Resort’s Direct Mail Campaign Designed & Mailed in 48 Hours

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A major casino resort needed to promote an entertainment act with a show date that was approaching quickly. In the ever changing and fast paced environment at a world class gaming facility, turn around time was extremely important. The casino needed a direct mail campaign to drop in 24 to 48 hours. In a market place where many have limited cash flow, the casino knew it had to find a way to identify past guests most likely to respond to a direct marketing offer.


The casino turned to Compu-Mail to provide a solution for the creative, production, and fulfillment of a mail piece that would obtain the desired response: a sold-out entertainment venue and increased traffic flow on the gaming floor. Compu-Mail and the casino staff conducted a database analysis of past patrons purchase behavior based on season, most recent visit, frequency of visits, and total spent per visit. This analysis led to the development of the final mail file.

Compu-Mail and the casino’s staff worked together to layout and design a direct marketing vehicle that would inform and generate interest from the desired audience. This collaboration led to the development of an oversized fold over invitation with four color process variable imaging direct to the patron inserted into a personalized oversized envelope with teaser copy on the outside panel.

Compu-Mail staff drew on their extensive background in mail production and fulfillment to prepare data, digitally image the variable invites, offset print outer envelopes, inkjet imprint outer envelopes, trim, score and fold the invites and insert and mail in a 48-hour time table.

As a result the mail package was delivered to patrons with time to respond, the entertainment act sold out, and the casino experienced increased traffic flow of high level spenders generating over 30% more revenue than an average night.

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