Compu-Mail Solutions: Case Study 4

National Retailer Implements a Comprehensive Direct Marketing Program to Grow Business

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A national retailer with over 1,000 stores was seeking ways to maximize its business.


Compu-Mail was asked to review existing databases and cross-sell programs. A sales reminder process was developed that resulted in 10-20% increase in repeat purchases across all stores. The program utilized point of sale (POS) data that is appended to the customer master file. Customers are selected for reminders and other targeted offers based on purchase history. Specific data elements are analyzed to better target new offers.

The retailer’s customers file has become the basis for its strategic planning, new store locations, prospect programs, and in store promotions; all benefit from the master file analysis.

Compu-Mail currently produces over forty daily, weekly, and monthly mail and electronic programs. The POS data is used to calculate program reporting which is provided for the retailer online. The analysis allows real time enhancements to the on-going programs.

The retailer’s business has grown over 30% since the Compu-Mail solution was implemented.

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