Compu-Mail Solutions: Case Study 2

Custom Printing User Guides with Personalized Message for New Customers

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A major telecommunications company utilized pre-printed user guides for its new customers. When new accounts were established or customers added services a personalized letter was produced and then hand matched to the correct version(s) of user guide. The guides were pre-printed in large quantity, which always included wasted material when version changes were made. The user fulfillment procedure was expensive and slow.


Compu-Mail developed a customized solution utilizing its electronic printing capabilities. When the telecommunications customer ordered new services a file was created with contact information and service type(s). This file was transferred to Compu-Mail where a customized user guide was printed and mailed within 24 hours. The customized User Guides included a personalized message to the customer with the appropriate product information. The process involved electronic digital color printing and custom finishing. The User Guides were formatted as a self-mailer, which eliminated the need for an envelope, matching, stuffing, and sealing.

The company has reduced its costs by 40% while upgrading its image with its customers.

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